One championship is a great feat.

Back to back championships are extraordinary.

A Threepeat makes history.

Three-Peat is the achievement reserved for those who have maintained supremacy for three consecutive years. Those who will be remembered as a dynasty through time.

Threepeat is a registered trademark. It has been used to celebrate the achievements of a multitude of sports teams, businesses, and individuals. Some of the most iconic professional teams such as the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers, as well as collegiate teams such as UCLA and Harvard, and schools around the nation who have dominated their sport or activity three years in a row have claimed a threepeat. Businesses in various industries, such as Porsche and Century 21 have also used the trademark to underline their achievements.

Join the ranks and meet some of your fellow Three-Peat champions.

Notable Three-Peat Winners

Army West Point           U.C. Berkeley           The Boston Celtics           The Chicago Bulls           The Greenbay Packers           Harvard University           The L.A. Lakers           The Montreal Canadiens           The New York Islanders           Princeton University           Stanford University           The Toronto Maple Leafs           UCLA           UNA           USC           Williams College           Yale University           The New York Yankees          

Looking to celebrate your Three-Peat?

Three-Peat can be achieved in any field. If you, your team, or company have maintained supremacy in your field for three consecutive years, it's no wonder you're looking to celebrate. To explore our pre-made designs, visit our store below:

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